Do you suffer from allergies?

The modern buildings we live and work in have been designed to save energy with central heating and double glazed windows/doors to keep the warmth in, which, as an allergy sufferer, you probably know provides the perfect breeding ground for Dust Mites, the No.1 cause of allergies in the UK.

Dust-Mite-Removal-in-Milton-KeynesYou can help to control Dust Mites by reducing humidity and keeping all rooms well-ventilated with fresh air, which dust mites hate, and keep dust – their food supply – to a minimum by cleaning carpets and soft furnishings regularly. Your bed, where you spend a third of your life, is the Dust Mite’s main feasting ground (dead skin particles), so consider washing your pillows every 3 months and mattress every 6 months. It’s a myth that carpets should be removed in the home of allergy sufferers, as they actually act as dustfilters, allowing you to remove dust effectively by vacuuming.

In a warm house, with human’s shedding ‘food’ everywhere, dust mites live and thrive, so consider having your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned on a regular basis (every 6-12 months) as this will greatly reduce dust mite debris, the main source of allergens.

In the fight against Dust Mites, Stardust Carpet Cleaning uses a unique patented product that is clinically tested and proven to create an allergy-free home environment by safely removing House Dust Mites from your mattress, carpets and upholstery.PROmite™ actually removes the mite, not just the food source.

Additionally, PROmite™ is one of the best Fluoro-chemical protection treatments available for protection from household soils and spills, including water-based spills like soft drinks, as well as protecting against oily stains such as butter and mayonnaise.

Once treated, fabrics and carpets look newer and cleaner for longer as soil is not able to stick to the fibres, making it easier to vacuum dirt away and protecting fibres from damage.

To dramatically reduce the allergens caused by Dust Mites in your home, call Stardust Carpet Cleaning and ask for a PROmite™ Clean…
…carpets, upholstery, mattresses, curtains and leather!