The internet is packed full of cleaning tips and old wives’ tales relating to carpet, from adding white wine to a red wine stain, to the effectiveness of dabbing at a stain rather than trying to rub it away. The fact is that carpet is a floor surface, and so it is inevitably going to fall victim to various levels of staining, whether those stains come from dirty shoes or spillages.

Keeping on top of your carpet with a good array of cleaning products is important – with the very first step being to ascertain and make sure you understand exactly what each cleaning product is designed to do.

Step One: Vacuuming

As with any kind of surface clean, before you pull out the carpet cleaner or carpet shampoo, you first need to remove all debris and dust from the surface. Not only will this make your job quicker and easier, but it will also leave you with a better overall finish.

One of our most prominent tips here is to keep your vacuuming on a regular schedule, ideally twice a week though if you have pets or have carpet lying in high traffic areas of the home then you may find you wish to vacuum more regularly.

Remember it isn’t just carpets that vacuum cleaners are good for – they can also be an effective way of cleaning dust and debris from rugs and hard floors as well.

Step Two: Removing Dirt

This is where the humble carpet cleaner comes into play. In terms of cleaning solutions for the home, carpet cleaners are one of the most popular purchases for DIY cleaning – as they use a combination of high powered jets and rotating brushes to remove grime from the innermost fibres of the carpet and give it a refreshed look, feel and smell.

If you don’t want to buy a carpet cleaner or feel that the purchase is too high for a sporadic deep clean, you can also rent carpet cleaners from many high street stores or you can call in a professional cleaning company who will likely charge by the hour to deliver a full deep clean of your home.

Step Three: DIY Stain Removal

You may be reading this and nodding, thinking that you know how to clean your floors. The real reason why you’re here is quite possible to do with stain removal – with carpet stains one of the biggest and most common problems that people have in their homes.

The first thing to do when a stain occurs on your carpet is not panic. The next thing to do is work through our list of tips for removing different stains, ranging from a high-quality carpet shampoo to some of those old wives’ tales we discussed earlier…

  •  Before you put any product on the stain, dab and dot it first to soak up as much of the liquid or substance as possible. You may find that dabbing at it using white cloth with a little vinegar on it can actually make this step more effective – with the vinegar cutting through the spilt substance and helping lift it away from the carpet fibres, and the white cloth allowing you to see just how much-coloured liquid has been removed from the carpet.
  • For more stubborn stains, for example, blood or coffee, you might need something a little stronger – in this case, ammonia mixed with water to make a diluted but powerful cleaning solution.
  • Avoid using boiling water wherever possible – this can actually be counterproductive.

Test the carpet cleaning product on a small area before pouring it all over the stain – you never know how a product will react on any specific stain or carpet type, so we recommend always testing the waters before diving straight in.

Ideally, you should apply the carpet cleaning solution using a spray bottle to allow full control over where the solution is applied.

The main thing you should be looking to avoid is letting the substance or stain dry into your carpet – as soon as this happens, the colour has set on the surface and it will be infinitely more difficult to remove.

To avoid this, lay a damp towel over the area until you are ready to clean: after all, we know that not everyone has these cleaning substances to hand, and so you may need a little time to pop out and get your hands on some carpet cleaner or white vinegar.

Step Four: Call in the professionals

While a great deal of us like to tackle home challenges ourselves, there are others who would simply prefer to pay a professional to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Your local professional cleaning company should be well versed in carpet cleaning and stain removal and will be able to provide a free quote to deliver the required cleaning surface you need.

For more information on how we can support all your interior cleaning needs, get in touch today.