If you can’t find the answer to your question here or anywhere else on our site, please call or send an email and we’ll get back to you within one working day – that’s a promise!

Can you give me a price over the phone or do you need to visit?

Usually we can give you a fixed price over the phone. If it’s a big, complicated job, or multiple properties, it will be better if we visit to ensure you receive an accurate quote.

What type of insurance do you have?

We have public liability insurance cover for £2,500,000 and employer’s liability cover for £5,000,000.

Should I move my furniture before you come or will you do it while you are cleaning?

If it’s small and you can easily move it, please do (items such as chairs, lamp tables, etc). However, if you are disabled, frail, or unwell, we will do everything.

Will my carpets be wet when you have finished?

Your carpets won’t be left ‘wet’ because our equipment is highly efficient, but it will take between two and three hours for the small amount of residual moisture to completely evaporate. Several factors affect the drying time, for instance:

– natural fibres hold more water than synthetic fibres;

– loop pile carpets hold more water and take a little longer to dry;

– if the weather is good and you are at home, leaving a few windows open will help speed up the drying time;

– during the winter months, your central heating will help speed up drying.

One small recommendation – please consider wearing indoor slippers or stocking feet during the drying process…

I’m in a hurry, is there any way my carpets can be dry in less than two hours?

Yes, if you need your carpets dry in super-quick time, we have turbo-drying equipment; this extra process will cut the drying process down by half.

Help! I need my carpets cleaned now – how quickly can you come?

Depending on what we have booked in, sometimes we can fit in a ‘same day’ or 24-hour turnaround, so it’s always worth phoning to find out.

My carpet is very badly soiled/worn/faded/smelly, can you help?

We like a challenge! Obviously we are going to yes, we can help. However, if when we come to do the pre-inspection there is anything that is truly beyond help, we will be completely honest and let you know. It’s rare, but it does happen occasionally.

I’ve split [something nasty] and tried and failed to remove it – can you help?

Call and tell us what the offending spill is, how you tried to remove it and we’ll give you an honest answer. Sometimes a DIY attempt to remove a spill is successful; sometimes it causes further mess and actually damages the fibre and structure of the carpet. Our professional stain removal techniques and treatments provide a remedy for a long list of hard to shift stains; we’ll do our best to help you.

We’ve moved into a house and it pongs of pet urine/damp/cooking fat/cigarettes… can you help?

Yes we can – our modern-day odour neutralisers, deodorisers and sanitizers can achieve amazing results. Don’t put up with it a minute longer… book Stardust now!

 I tried to clean my carpets with a domestic carpet cleaning machine and a series of brown/pink/yellow marks have appeared – what should I do?

This is called browning, usually it is caused by fugitive dye, which has wicked to the top of the pile from the Jute/Hessian interlayer or backing underneath. We use a special salvage treatment to rectify this problem – call today and we’ll come and take a look for you.

Will my carpet stretch or shrink during the cleaning process?

An experienced carpet cleaner knows which carpets are prone to shrinkage or stretching and which are not. Once we have identified the type of carpet, we then know which method should be used to ensure no shrinkage or stretching. Stardust operatives are not just highly trained, they are extremely diligent and dedicated to doing an excellent job…you are in very safe hands!

Won’t all that hot water and heat damage my carpet?

Not at all. Even though the equipment we use is the most powerful portable carpet extractor on the market, it is fully controllable; both the water flow and the heat are adjusted to suit your carpets and provide a deep clean, efficiently and safely.

Why don’t you use other cleaning methods?

Leading carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as the best method for removing embedded soil and other contaminants, additionally, the dry powder extraction method cannot flush dirt and dust mites trapped at the base of fibre. We’ve tried other carpet cleaning methods over the years but find this method to be unbeatable.

 My Persian rug is quite old and valuable – can you clean it?

Yes we can. We offer an off-site service as specialist cleaning processes are a prerequisite with regard to valuable/delicate rugs (Chinese, Turkish, Persian and Oriental). Please call for a price and to arrange for us to collect your rug at a time convenient to you.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Frequency will be determined by several factors, we usually find that the more pets and children you have, the more often carpets need a thorough clean. To keep carpets looking their best and in great condition, have them cleaned every six months – or sooner if they get visibly dirty.

I’ve got several properties, can you offer me a special rate?

Yes we can, please call for a price.

Will hot water extraction get rid of dust mites and allergens?

No cleaning method can completely eliminate dust mites and allergens. It is well recognised that some people are particularly sensitive to dust mites and allergens, so for these people, rigorous and regular cleaning is a must. A deep clean on a regular basis can help reduce the quantity of allergens and dust mites, and we offer a unique patented treatment for Dust Mites – more information is available here.

Do you sell any carpet and upholstery cleaning products?

Yes we do – two very handy spot and stain removal products that every household should have in their cleaning cupboard for emergencies! These products are professional strength and could save you a lot of worry and stress when a spill occurs. We find that a lot of people will tackle a stain themselves, but in the panic to remove it, often make the stain worse. We would rather supply a top quality product at an affordable price so that home owners have the right tools for the job.

What areas do you cover?

Anywhere within a 50-mile radius of Milton Keynes.

I’m at work all day, can you clean my house while I’m not there?

Yes, we just need the location of your keys, i.e. a neighbour, or your letting/estate agent, however there may be an extra charge if we have to travel to collect your keys. Once the job is complete we will return the keys to the initial collection address or pop them back through your letterbox.

Please note that payment for an unattended domestic clean needs to be made in advance.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with cash, cheque or by BACS transfer. For regular contract/commercial work, we can set up a monthly payment account for you.

If you add a Carpet Protector after you’ve cleaned my carpets, will they stay clean for longer?

Yes – up to three times longer compared to carpets that are untreated. Even though your carpets will continue to attract their daily dose of traffic dirt and need vacuuming, they will be better able to resist being soiled and stained. Why not ask for our Protector next time you have your carpets cleaned and see the difference for yourself – we think it’s worth it for the peace of mind alone…

What guarantee do you offer?

We promise to deliver the best possible results after an honest assessment of the work in hand, so if after inspecting your carpets we inform you that we will be able to bring your carpets back to an as-new, hygienically clean condition, with all spots, stains and any odours removed, then that is what you will receive. However we may have to inform you that certain stains cannot be 100% removed or that heavily worn areas will only improve partially – our guarantee is honesty – doing an excellent job comes as standard: it’s what our reputation is built on.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Our minimum charge for any service is £50.00. We do not currently charge VAT.

Is there any type of carpet that cannot be cleaned with the hot water extraction method?

Yes, natural plant fibre carpets and rugs (sisal, coir, jute, seagrass) – because natural plant fibres can be damaged by water and can only be cleaned using the dry powder system.

I would prefer my carpets to be cleaned with eco-friendly chemicals, can you help?

Yes we can, and at no extra cost. We use Amtech FineLine Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, which is the most advanced and effective cleaner of its type on the market. This excellent product is soap and detergent free, odour free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and contains NO VOC’s, enzymes, bacteria, bleach, toxic oxidizing or reducing agents, yet it delivers superb cleaning results.

 What type of Carpet Protector do you offer ?

We provide a range of protection products to ensure durable soil and stain resistance on new and freshly cleaned carpets including Prochem Fluoroseal® with Dupont and the latest generation of Scotchgard® Carpet Protector from 3M.

Any tips on keeping my carpets clean between visits from Stardust?

Yes, vacuum your hallway daily, this is where most outside dirt is deposited; if you catch it here before it gets walked around the house, you are cutting your work down. Also, and this is an obvious one, always remove your shoes!