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 Cleaning Carpet

Carpeted flooring gives an elegant and luxurious look to your home. But it also attracts more dust and bacteria than other floor surfaces. That’s because carpet fibres are an ideal home for dust mites, mothballs, mould mildew and bacteria.

Even though vacuuming regularly helps, most household vacuum cleaners only clean a quarter of the carpet’s surface. They can’t reach the dust and soil accumulated at the carpet base. Add to that the pet hairs, stains, water damage, and all the other gunk that falls on your carpet and you have a disgusting mess of dirt and germs.

Only a professional deep carpet cleaning can get rid of all that mess.

Stardust offers professional carpet cleaning services for your residential houses and buildings. With years of experience in the domestic carpet cleaning industry, we can remove all types of stains, soil, and bacteria from your carpets.

We will leave your carpets feeling and looking fresh and new, with no signs of stains or spots on them. Look for carpet cleaning services near me to find our local cleaners near you.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

One bed

  • Carpet Cleaned
  • Inspection

Two Bed

  • Carpet Cleaned
  • Inspection

Three Bed

  • Carpet Cleaned
  • Inspection

Four Bed

  • Carpet Cleaned
  • Inspection

Five Bed

  • Carpet Cleaned
  • Inspection

Why go for a professional Carpet Clean?

You vacuum your carpets and rugs weekly.

You also use antibacterial sprays and wash off the stains as soon as they happen. Then why waste money and time looking for professional carpet cleaning services near me or hiring someone for carpet cleaning services?

No matter how diligently you clean and take care of your carpets, they start to look and feel worn out after a time. The colour fades, the carpet feels thinner, and somehow all the dust in your house finds a place in it.

After cleaning, you are also left with a smelly carpet, especially if you have a wool carpet that takes time to dry.

If you have toddlers, children, and pets in your house, all manner of dirt, food and juice spillages also fall on your carpet. It’s not easy to get all the spills and stains out of the carpet with just a baking soda carpet cleaner or white vinegar.

Over time the stains deepen, the dirt dries and sticks like glue, and the colour fades. And using bleach on carpet or cheap carpet cleaners makes it worse. You can look forward to a weekend filled with back-breaking scrubbing and cleaning carpet stains that refuse to lighten.

Wool carpet cleaning takes even more time and effort.

You waste money on expensive carpet cleaning products like a carpet shampoo cleaner or a carpet washing machine and look for home carpet cleaners that work. But somehow, you can never get your carpet clean enough or get rid of that funky carpet smell and the inevitable dust that finds its way into your carpet.

And searching for carpet cleaning prices in the UK to find a cheap cleaner isn’t the answer. Don’t be scared of carpet cleaning costs. They are an essential maintenance expense that extends your carpet’s life.

What’s the solution?

Call in the carpet cleaning experts! Look for reliable carpet cleaning companies near me so that you can hire someone to deep clean your carpets once a year.

Domestic carpets need a commercial carpet steam cleaner and carpet cleaning machine to get the underlying soil, dirt, and stains out. A professional carpet cleaner knows how to clean the carpet effectively without leaving any stains behind.

It leaves you with squeaky-clean carpets that:

  •  Are stain and spot-free?
  •  Have an extended life span and doesn’t require you to replace your carpet frequently
  •  It doesn’t hide any dangerous bacteria, pests, and allergens that are detrimental to your health
  •  Removes unpleasant smells left behind even after cleaning food and drink spills
  •  Improves the airflow and quality in your home, eliminating stuffiness and the closed-up smell and heat

Leaving you stress-free to enjoy your free time relaxing and spending time with family and friends. Hiring a reliable carpet cleaner and a rug doctor will also save you hours of scrubbing and washing. A weekly vacuum and a quick stain removal when something falls on your carpet are all you have to do after a professional deep carpet cleaning.

It is recommended to get professional carpet cleaning services once a year to remove all the bacteria and dirt from your carpets. You can maintain your carpet with regular vacuuming and good quality home carpet cleaners in between professional cleans. You can also get a better idea of the expense by searching carpet cleaning near me prices and calling in someone who fits your budget.

We provide carpet cleaning services in more than 30 locations in the UK.

Emptying the dirty water from the carpet cleaning machine


We want to make your house carpet cleaning as stress-free and easy as possible. We’ve simplified our carpet cleaning process into four steps that give you guaranteed results and a hygienic home environment all year round.

Just fill in your details on our online form or call our 24/7 customer service for an appointment and obligation-free quotes.

We can even arrange a visit to your residence for a free assessment and survey. We pride ourselves on offering transparent and high-quality services that exceed your expectations.

We provide:

Deep Steam Cleaning

Our steam cleaning or hot water extraction method cleans your carpet from the root and lasts for a year. Our industrial-grade carpet steam cleaner and carpet washer rid your carpet of all the soil and pollutants from the base up. It is the best way to clean a carpet as it removes deeply ingrained dirt and stains without damaging the carpet fibres.

Hot water extraction

It's quick and effective and gives you the optimum results for restoring and extending the life of your carpets. We use a professional carpet cleaning machine that sprays, washes and steams at once. The process is fast and efficient and leaves your carpets dry, spotless and without a speck of dirt or dust on them.

It gets rid of the foul smell that comes from a smelly carpet or wet carpet. We highly recommend residential properties get steam clean at least once a year. Look for carpet steam cleaning near me to get your nearest location.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation or dry cleaning involves putting a cleaning solution in your carpet with a spray, rotary machine, or a brush applicator. The cleaning solution is made of liquid polymer. When applied, it absorbs the dirt and soil and crystalises on the carpet. We vacuum the crystals with the mud leaving your carpets spotless and soil-free.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning is a quick cleaning method. It doesn't take more than an hour or more, depending on the size of the area being cleaned. It is perfect for carpets with a high traffic volume, like communal or family areas.

With Encapsulation carpet cleaning, there is no need to wash and wet the carpet. The specialised cleaning solution acts like a carpet cleaning brush that pushes the dirt to the surface, ready to be sucked up by our powerful vacuums.

You can use this technique for more frequent cleans to get the soil and the dust out without any risk of wearing out your carpet with too much washing. Encapsulation carpet cleaning is mainly used to get the soil ingress out.

Spot and stain removal requires more specialised cleaning techniques. You can avail our encapsulation cleaning services by looking for dry carpet cleaning near me to get a quote.

Spot and Stain Removal

Our spot and stain removal service involve using a sophisticated spot removal machine with specially formulated stain removing cleaning solutions. They contain cleaning compounds specially formulated for cleaning carpet stains without leeching the colour from carpets.

There will be no discolouration in the areas where we've removed the stains—only a gorgeous uniform colour and clean that restores your carpet to its previous glory.

With our steam and dry carpet cleaning, you can use our carpet stain and spot removal service. If you require only a stain removal and a basic clean after a party or an event, we cover that as well.

You only need to specify your carpet cleaning requirements, and we'll meet them with exceptional and guaranteed services at affordable rates.

Our cleaning process involves:

1. Complete Inspection
We thoroughly inspect your carpet before our actual cleaning process starts. Our cleaning specialists examine your carpet for permanent stains and soil penetration. We also check the carpet fibres and backing as some are prone to shrinkage.

We then determine the cleaning method and technique to give you the best results without damaging or fading colour.

2. Pre-treatment vacuum and solutions
Once our Inspection is complete, we vacuum your carpets to remove the soil and dirt. It prevents most surface soil and dust from penetrating deeper into the carpet during the wash.

We spray the older and more stubborn stains with cleaning solutions and let them set. Our heavy-duty industrial grade carpet cleaner vacuum takes the ingrained dirt, dead skin cells, hair, and other contaminants from your carpet, going beneath the top layer to the bottom.

3. Carpet cleaner product application and wash
After the pre-treatment is finished, we apply carpet cleaner solutions to wash the carpet. It gets rid of the dust mites, dirt, odours and household stains and spills.

We then pressure wash with hot water to get all the soil out. The vacuum on top of our professional carpet cleaning machine absorbs the water as soon as it is sprayed. It helps in the drying process, making it faster.

4. Drying and post-treatment finish
Before completely drying your carpet, we check again for any stubborn specks left behind. We treat them with powerful stain and grease removing solutions and move on to the drying process. After your carpet is dry, we apply deodorisers for a pleasant smell and finishing sprays to maintain the carpet colour.

We carefully remove all your furniture before the cleaning process to ensure that you get a uniform clean with no leftover dirt or product residue.

Our company is also fully insured against liabilities for your protection. Our cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Your children and pets are not exposed to any chemicals or hazardous fumes after our carpet cleaning services.

We also carry out anti-viral sanitation and disinfection along with carpet cleaning. We aim to give you a clean home environment that protects you and your family.

You will never find any pests or bugs lurking under your carpet after our carpet cleaning and washing service.

We will always do a great job no matter what the condition of your carpet is.
Our detailed inspection before the cleaning process ensures that you don't get any nasty surprises when you see the bill.

Our carpet cleaning prices are always upfront with no hidden costs.

Why hire us for your residential carpet cleaning?

Our carpet cleaning specialists have experience cleaning all types of carpets and rugs. We never use the one-for-all approach when cleaning your carpets.

We know that all carpet fibres and backing are different. The more delicate carpets or older carpets must be treated gently and tested for shrinkage before cleaning. Others must be dry washed because wetting them too much shortens their lifespan.

After all, flooring and carpeting is essential aesthetic component of your home. It should look and feel good, not give you allergies with dust and be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Our carpet cleaning technicians:

  •  Come equipped in a fully stocked van with the latest cleaning equipment
  •  Use only the best quality cleaning solutions with no harmful chemicals
  •  Our prompt and work within the promised deadline so that there is minimal disruption to your home life and routine
  •  Our uniformed, professional,  and always available to give you cleaning tips or any advice you need on home cleaning and maintenance
  •  Will always treat your home with respect and put your furniture back in the same place after the carpet cleaning.
  •  Always inform you about stains that cannot be removed beforehand
  •  Never compromise on quality, no matter what the scale of the job is

Our local carpet cleaners can arrive at your location quickly and without delay. We offer flexible appointment times and an economical carpet cleaning cost.

We also provide interior and exterior house cleaning services for general home maintenance and upkeep.

Give your home carpets a spring clean that lasts all year round. Enjoy playing with your pets and have the peace of mind to let your children roam freely on your home carpets. There is no need to waste time with DIY carpet cleaning or online looking for an emergency carpet cleaner.

Our domestic carpet cleaning services will give your carpets a flawless clean that restores their shine and softness. Contact us for a free inspection and obligation free quote today.

Our customer representatives are available around the clock for any queries or concerns you have before and after our cleaning services.