The cause of any odour is usually lodged deep in the carpet base as well as in the actual fibres, so a deep clean is a good start.


Have you just moved into a house and found it doesn’t smell too good?

Stale cooking/frying odours, cigarette smoke, cat or dog urine, damp, mustiness?

A good quality odour treatment – a sanitizer – may be all you need. For really strong smells, we may need to use a bactericidal deodoriser, which will kill any bacteria that may be causing the odour.

To neutralise odours, the offending areas are deep-cleaned with the addition of either a sanitizer and/or bactericidal deodoriser. The chemicals we use are self-neutralizing and biodegradable, so the only thing left will be… no nasty odour!


Odour problems can occur anywhere: hotels, pubs, restaurants, schools, *hospitals, *doctor’s surgeries, *care homes, shops, stores, offices…

According to the Health and Safety Executive employers have a legal responsibility to protect the health and safety of staff and manage the health and safety risks in the workplace… a bad smell may not be a ‘risk’, but it does nothing for staff morale, and definitely won’t encourage customers to stay for long!

Nip it in the bud quickly – Stardust can be with you within 24 hours, restoring the air quality…


STARDUST TIP: Consider having a carpet protector treatment at the same time as your clean, which will make it far more difficult for odour-causing substances to seep into your carpet.

Don’t put up with carpet-based odours… call Stardust now and book a clean.

*We also have an EC registered anti-microbial multi-surface sanitizer and cleaner effective against bacteria including MRSA and viruses including Hepatitis B, HIV, Bird flu and Swine flu.